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Courses Included
Quantitative Aptitude
Quantitative Aptitude is the most important requisite for clearing any competitive exam. We have designed this course to help you master the core concepts of quant with ease.
Logical Reasoning
This course dramatically improves your chances of passing logical reasoning with top scores. The course includes detailed explanation of important concepts, practice questions, tips and tricks.
Mental Ability
General mental ability is one of the prime topics of most of the entrance examinations. The mental ability problems, test the reasoning & interpretation skills of candidates.
Verbal Ability
English Language is one of the less time consuming and a scoring subject in every competitive exam. This course covers complete syllabus for general english along with numerous practice questions
Interview Skills
So you’ve got an interview lined up? are you ready for it? check out our video resource which highlights important techniques that will help you nail your next interview
Exams Included
Xplore Proficiency Test

Xplore Proficiency test is a systematic means of testing a candidate's abilities to perform specific tasks and react to a range of different situations. The assessment calibrates various factors like Numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning, speed, accuracy, and other such abilities.