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Secure Platfrom

AI tools to detect fraudsters

Select only the one who are genuine performers.

Data Security

All the content is secured via unique data security protocol which is impossible to break.

OTP Login

Enabling the OTP based login will restrict the access to the platform for authentic users.

SSL encripted

SSL level secruity provides data encription across network, and limits the access to secure resources.

Candidate Authorization

Only the assigned users can take the premium test in
secure environment.

Made for Coding

Evaluating programmers is now easy!

Test your candidates in c, c#, java, python, swift and many more

Custom Tests

Create your own tests from scratch or choose from our database of 10,000 questions.

Your Branding

Upload your logo and candidates will be able to see your logo on test window.

Advanced Analytics

Our detailed candidate analytics will make your selection process a cake walk.

Excel Reports

We all love Excel, export the test reports to excel which can be easily shareable.

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