• Strong Coding Abilities
  • Algorithms/Data structures
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • In-depth knowledge of the domain of projects worked on earlier


The 2 month internship programme in Bangalore is a snapshot of the challenging work at CNIL, that an intern has an opportunity to work on when he/she joins the jTU programme. Like our jTU program, jTU is a 2 month programme based on the ideals and principles of the TU programme. The internship:-

      - provides intern an opportunity to work on live projects, ideate for new product features that can exponentially solve
      - Suggest technical solutions that will help solve these problems.
      - Create and deliver these solutions, so that it generates immense value

Training programme for Software Development Engineers:
Modeled after the ‘US Navy Seal Training Program’, Trilogy University is designed to push new recruits to their limits. TU focuses on creating an incubation environment with optimal conditions for a fresh graduate to undergo accelerated learning at a fast pace and become a thorough problem solver at the end of 3 months.
BEST PART IT HAPPENS IN DUBAI for 3 awesome months!!!!

The recruited students are paid full salaries during the entire duration of the training and all expenses, including travel, accommodation and other fun activities are on us. From bringing in the best food to getting the laundry done, we foot the bill for all menial tasks, making sure the process of learning gets the undivided attention it deserves. It is here where CNIL’s culture of trust and ownership is instilled.
CTC offered Rs 33,50,000