Do you frequently conduct online exams?

And are they stressing you out?

Do you find it a struggle to monitor whether your students are cheating?

If yes, then the answer to your woes is conducting proctored online exams. As you scroll further, it will be clear how our new-age proctoring software can help you seamlessly conduct online exams.

In today’s turbulent times, with the pandemic and strict regulations in place, it has become challenging to conduct exams with students present physically in classrooms.

And we understand this....

Since exams are something that cannot be done away with, conducting online exams has become the new normal everywhere. However, online exams are not foolproof, and cheating is not uncommon.

It is very challenging to monitor students during exams who have discovered ingenious ways to cheat online. Common ways of cheating include impersonation, using mobiles, screen sharing, using external devices to store data, and asking friends and family members to help

Then how do you ensure that online exams are cheating-free?

The most apt solution to maintain the integrity of exams and eliminate cheating is to conduct proctored online exams instead. Today, everywhere in the world, people are discovering the advantages of using proctoring software to conduct online exams.

Proctored online exams

For Seamless and Cheat-free Online Exams

Proctored online exams are timed exams that you take from a remote location while the proctoring software monitors you through a webcam. The webcam records everything, and the data is then used to review the student’s performance.

Proctoring is a practical solution that is cost-effective for organizations conducting examinations and students while maintaining the credibility of the assessment. In addition to savings in administrative costs, organizations also benefit from savings in space needed to conduct such exams physically. Moreover, the advanced security features ensure data safety and maintain the credibility of the exams.

Transform How you Conduct Online exams with Our New-age platform

Xplore’s cutting-edge online examination system helps educational organizations and corporate enterprises conduct secure and seamless online exams. We have been involved with top multinational companies and some of the best educational organizations and helping them conduct exams seamlessly for over a decade.


AI-based Proctoring Technology

Our software uses advanced AI technology that enables live proctoring, auto proctoring, and recording. You can review the recordings later on for evaluation. There are tools that enable you to disable additional tabs and browsers on your students’ computers.


Multi-factor Authentication

With this state-of-the-art authentication technology, you need not fear student impersonation anymore. Once the student clicks on the text link, our candidate authentication system gets activated. This ensures that the right candidate is taking the exam.


Conduct a Wide Range of Exams

Our tool allows you to conduct various types of exams using our software which supports many question types, including multiple-choice, case-study, short-answer type, and code-snippet questions, to name a few. So, whether entrance exams, semester exams, or any other, conduct them smoothly with our platform without any hitches.


Evaluation Made Easy

Our automated evaluation platform makes the process far easier and more efficient than before. What is more, the time taken to evaluate is much less. With user-friendly dashboards for evaluators and faculties, evaluation becomes a breeze.


Scale as you Want

You can easily conduct thousands of exams in a day at different remote locations with just the touch of a button from Xplore’s software. The new-age technology assures a seamless experience for candidates taking the exam at various locations.

Benefits of Using our New-Age Proctoring Software

Both the organization conducting exams and the students get multiple benefits from proctored online exams

For Organizations


No Physical Invigilation

There is no need to have in-person invigilators at each test centre when using our software. This results in huge savings in administrative costs. It is beneficial, especially when you run test centres in multiple remote locations.


Savings in Time

In the traditional methods of conducting exams, administrators spend weeks to months creating questions papers and then grading the papers after they have been written. But, using our software, you can configure online exams within days and also, with automatic grading, you save a lot of precious time.


Take Exams More Frequently

As opposed to the older systems, where you concentrate all exams on a few days of a year, now, with remote proctoring, you can run exams more frequently. The time taken to organize a proctored exam is many times less than older online methods.


Exams Get More Security

Now, you need not worry anymore about students cheating during exams. Our software’s advanced security features make it impossible for anyone to cheat since they are constantly monitored using a large video screen. The software also checks the students’ IDs and also the environment where he/she is taking the exam for any signs of malpractices. In case of any serious violations, the software can stop access to the exam anytime.


Review Exams At Your Convenience

An excellent benefit is that the examining body can review the recorded video any time to check if there have been any cheating issues. Our anti-cheating tools can detect the presence of an additional person, mobile phones, and other methods of malpractices during the proctored exam.

For Students


More Flexibility

A candidate gets the advantage of choosing a specific day when he/she can sit for the exam. Most exam providers offer an exam window out of which a student can pick a convenient day and a suitable time.


No Travelling Needed

Candidates no longer need to take time off from their workplace to attend their exams at the test centre. They can conveniently choose the place from where they will sit for their exams. Additionally, students also save on travelling costs.


Lesser Stress

Since they can take their exam in the comforts of their home or office, candidates can relax more and concentrate better than at their test centres. It also provides much-needed privacy to candidates taking the exam.


More Comfortable

Students can answer questions more conveniently using online tools like spreadsheets or text editors. They can even scan QR codes or take images of their lengthy answers and upload them.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you face any technical issues while answering your questions, you can take the help of the exam proctor to solve the problem.

The time allotted to you will be the same that you would be given if you were taking the exam physically at a test centre.

The level of toughness in both proctored online exams and exams taken at a test centre will be the same.

You will get around 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment time to begin your exam. You will not be permitted to take more than 15 minutes from the allotted time.

First, pick a suitable location to take your exam. Check your computer or laptop and your internet connection before the exam. This will ensure you have no technical issues on the exam day and enable you to implement a backup plan if needed.